How to Wash Wicker Furniture

<p>How to Wash Wicker Furniture</p>
26 Dec
how to clean wicker furniture

Courtesy of The Wicker Woman

At least one time each year, you ought to clean, state, and repair your wicker patio furniture to ensure your favorite pieces are ready to be used this summer–and also for many more seasons to come. Use these easy strategies and steps from Cathryn Peters, founder of The Wicker Woman, to keep all your porch pieces in mint state.

Keep it dry.

Despite its popularity for exterior settings, natural wicker (woven from materials such as rattan, willow, cane and seagrass) does not do well with rain; also much moisture can weaken germs, loosen joints, and lift paint. Keep these pieces under a covered porch– just not pushed up near a wall, in which humidity may get trapped.

Clean it frequently.

Grime builds up quickly in all those nooks and crannies! To clean a natural-wicker piece, remove dust with the brush attachment on your vacuum, then wash down the piece with a moist rag. Squeeze stubborn spills, dirt, or tree sap by scrubbing with a foul-smelling brush dipped in gentle dish soap and warm water or Murphy Oil Soap.

Mind sunlight.

Despite frequent maintenance, outdoor furniture can seem worn over time. Sunlight causes fading and cracking in crochet, therefore rotate chairs and tables occasionally to even out vulnerability. You could also dab on a piece with lemon oil every few weeks to state its fibers.


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