What Are The Pros And Cons Of Buying Oak Furniture Over Other Types Of Wood?

From a small acorn grows a mighty oak tree. Those oak trees have been used for centuries to make furniture. Oak is definitely a strong wood, one of the strongest. When it comes to choosing furniture, oak is always a good choice. Strength is only one factor, though, and you want to compare oak with other woods. When you do, what do you find out?

Maybe you have looked at pine furniture because it is cheaper. There is a reason why pine wood is cheaper. It is not necessarily as decorative as oak for one thing, but it is also not nearly as strong. If you’ve ever lived in an environment with pine trees, you know that they snap in half at the sight of wind. In all seriousness, that is just one comparison between two woods where oak shines over the other.

There are many other types of woods that are used to make furniture that doesn’t quite stack up to the oak furniture such as white wardrobes. And there are also pros and cons to buying oak furniture in general. You know it’s going to be a little bit more costly, most likely, than the pine furniture you are thinking about buying. What you might not have known, however, is that oak furniture also requires less maintenance.

Let’s say that you buy a brand new oak dresser. How many times do you think that oak dresser is going to need polished? You’re probably thinking you might need to polish it every week when you’re cleaning, or maybe once a month. In actuality, that oak dresser is only going to need to be polished twice a year. Another good aspect of oak furniture is that it is work resistant for the most part. This is, of course, a very good thing.

There are other types of wood out there that warps much easier. Oak furniture does have a grainy look to it, especially when polished, but that is an asset when asking most people. The grainy, polished finish is an asset if you ask many people. However, are you going to be finishing the furniture yourself, or are you buying it with the finish already complete?

The reason this is mentioned is, if you plan to do the finish yourself, you don’t want to use too much stain. If you were to stain the oak furniture too much, it would be too dark, and it would look different than it’s supposed to look when it’s completed. The reason why you don’t want the stain to be too dark, for starters, is because it can exaggerate the grain. Experts say this results in a two tone shade that just doesn’t look right.

This sort of two tone shade is something that you can find easily when looking at examples of walnut furniture, to a degree. Walnut furniture is also very beautiful, but we’re talking about oak furniture right now. However, it is important to mention that walnut is one of the types of wood that is considered to be strong and durable as well, just like oak.

Now, let’s imagine that you are going to set up an entire room with furniture, or maybe even an entire house. You are buying all new furniture, and you want to pick the type of wood that you prefer. You might not want to buy all furniture in one specific wood type, but you get the point. If you do decide to buy all oak furniture, there is one advantage that needs to be brought up right now. That advantage is it’s simply quite easy to find all the oak furniture that you need. It’s easy to find other woods, too, but oak is one of the most common.

This means that you won’t just find pieces of oak furniture but a large variety to choose from. Are you going to be shopping for furniture online? We will certainly find plenty of other examples of different types of furniture made from different woods as well. Still, it needs to be mentioned one more time that oak is one of the most common woods that you are going to find when it comes to all kinds of different pieces of furniture, ranging from simple desks to a sliding wardrobe.

Some people will point out as lightly touched on earlier that oak can be very grainy. You will notice that the wood might look the same in some aspects, but that various types of furniture will look different from one another. That is to be expected, but of course, you can buy furniture collections to where the pieces will look more similar. Plus, the oak furniture makers know not to make the oak too dark for the reasons mentioned earlier.

It was mentioned that oak furniture is very easy maintenance. It was also mentioned that it is very easy to clean. You certainly want to keep that furniture clean for sure. However, the point to be made is that considering it is easy maintenance and easy to clean, you can probably assume that oak furniture is going to last a long time, don’t you think? In fact, oak furniture lasts a very long time.

This is one of the advantages that it has over some of the other woods. Now, when it comes to oak, there are other woods that are considered by many to be more decorative. Think about cherry wood, for example. Cherry wood has a certain finish to it. So in this instance, it’s really about preference. Are you looking for a darker wood or a lighter wood? If you’re looking for a darker wood, then oak may not be a good fit.

Maybe you need some furniture pieces that are made of lighter woods with lighter finishes and other pieces with darker finishes. If you want to buy furniture made out of different woods, what would you consider to be a good match with oak? That is a good question. There are expert suggestions and, of course, it is also going to have to do with what type of home environment you are trying to decorate.

When reading about oak and other types of woods, it can be important to look at pictures. Maybe you don’t have any oak furniture in your home right now to reference. Thankfully, there are many resources online, and as you browse furniture to buy, you will see you will get a good idea of what it looks like. Of course, you want to make sure that the oak furniture you purchase shows up looking like the pictures.

In other words, you want to make sure those pictures are realistic. Also, when buying furniture, you have to think about looking at the specs and dimensions so that you know the size of a piece. In one way, it’s easier to look at furniture to buy in person for that reason, but there are also advantages to looking at the vast selection available online.

One thing that hasn’t been addressed just yet is price. How much rustic oak furniture cost? There are many pieces of furniture out there that aren’t even made out of wood. In other words, oak is going to be a step up from the cost of the furniture made of fake wood. That bears mentioning, however, because oak is on the cheaper end as far as solid oak furniture which is made of solid wood. So that should be a definite advantage for you as you go furniture shopping.

That doesn’t mean that the oak furniture is going to be cheap, though. If you are concerned about prices, you can go back to comparing different woods again to see what the piece might cost you if made from a different wood. You will likely be pleasantly surprised. The end result is that oak furniture is considered to be quite a bargain. Since it is lighter in color, it also brightens up a space.

You may or may not have done your comparisons yet, but this article has done much of the work for you. You certainly do have to think about what you want and what you prefer when it comes to design and appeal, though. You may be already thinking that you need some furniture made of darker wood. That can discount oak furniture right away, but maybe you have a need for some lighter furniture pieces as well. Or perhaps you are ready to buy all oak furniture.

You will definitely have made a decision to buy furniture that is going to last for many years. It is going to look really nice, and remember, it’s easy to clean. That should make you feel good about the decision that you’ve made. Now, how many pieces do you need to buy? Perhaps you are just purchasing furniture for one room, or maybe you’re furnishing your entire home. There are many pieces of furniture that can go into a home, so it’s time to get to shopping. That brand new oak furniture is going to look so nice once you have it set up.